In recent years, the health insurance landscape showed improvement in the number of covered Americans. These improvements took place with the help of law changes from 2008 and the present day. In 2014, about 91 percent of Americans held health insurance policies, such as United Healthcare insurance for rehab. With your United Healthcare policy, payment for your addiction rehab simplifies.

Why Insurance Covers Rehab Treatment TodayUnited Healthcare Insurance for Rehab Support.

According to the healthcare insurance and information portal,, insurance policies offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover treatment in 10 health categories. One of those categories includes addiction rehabilitation. Also covered are mental health treatments.

To remain competitive and meet new legal requirements, private health insurance policies also provide benefits for these treatment needs. So whether your United Healthcare coverage comes from a Marketplace policy, private insurance or employment benefits does not matter. Your ability to afford rehab improves by having and using your benefits.

Your insurance company also sees now that it saves money and builds company profits by helping you gain treatment you need for addiction and mental health problems. Through your recovery, you suffer less illness, injury and other health problems than when abusing drugs or alcohol. You do not need to go to the emergency room for expensive overdose treatment if you do not abuse drugs. In essence, your health expenses stay lower in recovery, than in your active substance use disorder.

United Healthcare Insurance for Rehab Support

With your United Healthcare coverage, you gain access to a wide range of treatments. These include therapies, education, and support you could not otherwise afford. Examples of what many policies cover, thanks to United Healthcare insurance for rehab, include:

Of course, to use your United Healthcare benefits for rehab, you must sift through over 14,500 available programs in the United States. Or, you simply look to Northeast Pennsylvania. In Hazleton near Scranton, Silver Pines Treatment Center provides all of the above programs, therapies, and services through your United Healthcare insurance.

Silver Pines Treatment Center understands your struggles in knowing whether your insurance covers rehab. For most people, these questions about paying for treatment cause stress. So all you need to do is pick up the phone and talk to Silver Pines Treatment Center. They help you understand your policy benefits by verifying those with the insurance company.

Through insurance verification, you know exactly what your policy covers and what comes out of your pocket. You also learn about other methods for payment, such as financing your rehab treatment or relying on other payment acceptance.

Rehab in Pennsylvania Using Your United Healthcare Benefits

So what does rehab in Pennsylvania offer, if you hold United Healthcare coverage? At Silver Pines Treatment Center, you gain the highest level of rehab treatment accredited by The Joint Commission. This TJC accreditation sets the example for rehab treatment around the world, meeting the highest standards of care. In fact, by seeking TJC accredited rehab, you cut over 12,000 unaccredited programs out of consideration immediately.

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, your treatment includes everything you need for strong, lasting recovery. This remains true whether you use United Healthcare benefits or another type of coverage, such as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Learn more about using your United Healthcare insurance for rehab. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center at 866-345-2147 today.