United Behavioral Health insurance in Pennsylvania serves a large segment of insured individuals. Similarly, the plan provides behavioral health care. This is good news for someone struggling with addiction. Here’s how Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you work with this insurer.

United Behavioral Health Insurance in Pennsylvania Pays for RehabOverall United Behavioral Health Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Because of the Affordable Care Act, United Behavioral Health insurance in Pennsylvania covers rehab. The law stipulates that insurance carriers must provide coverage for behavioral health interventions. These include evidence-based treatments for substance abuse. Paying for addiction rehab can, therefore, be as simple as submitting your claims to the company.

It’s important to understand that this insurance plan is an outcropping of United Healthcare’s network. Therefore, you might have access to this plan under the Optum brand. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Silver Pines Treatment Center intake specialists help verify your coverage.

Specifically, this step empowers you to make financial health care decisions. You know precisely what the plan covers. Furthermore, you understand what plan administrators require you to do. In many cases, this involves a co-payment and proof of enrollment at the rehab facility.

Benefits of United Behavioral Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

Addiction’s a chronic brain disease. It doesn’t get better on its own. Be honest, if you could quit, you would’ve already done so. The problem is that you’re most likely battling a chemical dependency on two fronts.

There’s the physical addiction. Your body believes that it needs the drug to survive. It reacts with painful withdrawal symptoms whenever you withhold the substance. Before long, you’re using just to avoid these symptoms.

Next, there’s the psychological addiction. Your mind persuades you to think that you can’t function without chemical assistance. It claims that work, school, or the home life would be impossible without the drug as a crutch. Because you don’t trust yourself, you keep taking the substance.

Rehab breaks both aspects of addiction. In fact, it starts with medical treatment. You end the physiological dependence in as little as five to ten days. Specifically, United Behavioral Health insurance in Pennsylvania typically covers this aspect of care.

Next, you move on to clinical care. A therapist adapts a care approach to meet your individual needs. For example, possible interventions include:

  • Group therapy for peer relationship-building and positive interactions
  • Individual therapy that encourages you to open up with a therapist about your usage patterns
  • Family therapy that focuses on bridging destructive interactions to affect healing between loved ones
  • Trauma therapy for program participants who need assistance overcoming emotional upheaval from the past

Moving into the Rehab Facility

Silver Pines Treatment Center offers a home-like atmosphere for those with United Behavioral Health insurance in Pennsylvania. Moreover, the quiet surroundings invite you to relax and heal. Most importantly, you’re sufficiently far away from job stresses to have a buffer. Addiction admissions procedures start with a discussion.

You talk to our intake advisor about your situation. This professional handles all the paperwork for the insurance. Moreover, s/he’ll explain what to expect when you arrive. In many ways, you already know what will happen next before you even check in.

Over the course of a month or so, you spend the time working with therapists. You overcome the chemical dependency and set a solid course for lifelong sobriety. It feels good not to leave this aspect of your life to chance.

Find out today how much United Behavioral Health insurance in Pennsylvania will pay toward your care. Call the Silver Pines Treatment Center at 866-345-2147 now.