When choosing an addiction treatment center, you have a number of program options open to you. A consultation with a knowledgeable therapist is instrumental when making your selection. For some program participants, an outpatient rehab can be ideal. For others, a different setup may be more beneficial.

Benefiting from an Outpatient Rehab Setting

smiling man benefits from outpatient rehabAt Silver Pines Treatment Center, program participants who need less structure benefit the most from an outpatient setting. The ideal patient is an individual with a high level of motivation to pursue lifelong sobriety. His or her home life is stable and safe. There are no codependent relationships or other drug users who live in the home.

Another group of clients who do well in outpatient treatment includes the group of patients with a milder form of addiction. Typically, this refers to the patient who wants to wean off an opioid pain medication. Sometimes, it also works well for a new program participant who is fearful about an inpatient setting. For them, outpatient rehab is a little like sticking a toe in the water to gauge its temperature.

Participating in Crucial Treatments and Activities

It’s a common misconception that an outpatient setting provides less in terms of therapy and assistance. In reality, you miss the overnight stay, structured morning activities as well as meals, and peer-group building times after hours. However, you still experience intensive therapies and assistive exercise options. Examples include:

  • Trauma therapy that helps you discover the root of your addictive personality
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for a variety of conditions
  • Outdoor activities that build self-confidence and provide experiential therapy opportunities
  • One-on-one counseling as well as group sessions to discuss progress of the recovery process
  • Relapse prevention technique training and role-playing to give you the best odds at achieving lifelong sobriety

It’s also worth noting that our outpatient clients occasionally switch over to an inpatient setting. The home-like atmosphere of the venue, the gardens, and the structured approach to treatment inspire trust. The site features a strong connection with nature. These surroundings offer the ideal respite many people struggling with a substance abuse problem need to focus on their recovery.

Understanding Additional Treatment Options

Outpatient rehab is only one alternative. Since the therapists at the Silver Pines Treatment Center customize your recovery approach to fit your needs, you have additional options. These programs focus on your current needs and include:

  • Detoxification to help your body overcome physical dependence on a drug
  • Residential stays to assist with intensive counseling needs and focus on healthy habit formation
  • Sober living adjustment that lets you practice living in a group setting before returning home
  • Aftercare helps with relapse prevention
  • Alumni group meetings offer peer support and boost sober living skills by helping others with their challenges

Finding Help Today is Easy

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, the experts at Silver Pines Treatment Center can help. The comfortable environment of the facility quickly puts everyone at ease. Therapists focus not just on the addiction itself but also on the person as a whole. As a result, recovery becomes a worthwhile goal for program participants.

You’ll enjoy a holistic approach that helps your mind and spirit to recover just as it does your body. Learn about nutrition for overall wellness and participate in yoga for relaxation. There’s no reason why addiction has to continue its stranglehold on your life. Call us today at 866-345-2147 for a real way back to health and wellness.