group of people at Silver Pines treatment centerAt Silver Pines Treatment Center, we believe in providing quality treatment in a home-like atmosphere. Here, individuals are able to focus on overcoming their addictions through a proven, structured treatment model. Our facility is located just south of Hazleton, PA. Nature surrounds the facility, offering a serene environment that encourages health and wellness. When you or your loved one begins treatment at Silver Pines, we’ll help you begin to envision the promising future ahead.


When you choose Silver Pines Treatment Center, you’re choosing addiction treatment that includes evidence-based methods as well as holistic treatment. Working together, these treatments help to treat each individual as a whole, rather than focusing on one part of the addiction. Some of these methods include:

In addition, we offer specific programs that focus on individualized treatment. Each person who chooses treatment through Silver Pines receives the treatment that works best for their needs. These programs include:

  • Medical detox – Withdrawal symptoms often prevent people from taking the first steps to get sober. We offer a way to sober up comfortably while maintaining structure and accountability.
  • Separate women’s and men’s programs – Women’s treatment looks different from men’s. Non co-ed programs give individuals a chance to focus solely on their recovery without added societal pressures.
  • Residential treatment program – Ideally, clients should start in residential treatment for the structure and accountability aspects. Our residential program offers a place to begin re-learning how to live everyday life without substance abuse.

In addition to traditional treatment, our center will offer complementary addiction treatment plans including yoga, mindfulness practices modeled after the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) at Massachusetts General Hospital, meditation, physical fitness, and nutrition therapy. This integrated approach towards wellness is one that honors the whole body, plays an important role in successful change and is a vital piece to one’s recovery.

Treatment options that promote a decrease in the stress response, improve stress resilience and increase physical health will lead one to re-learn self-care practices in a compassionate and caring environment.

If you or your loved one are suffering from an addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Silver Pines Treatment Center is equipped with everything you need to get well again. We can help you discover the best version of yourself. Call us today at 866-345-2147 to verify your insurance and begin on your personalized road to recovery.